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John Baldessari

The News: Four Ducks Standing on a Bench…, 2014

117,5 x 89,2 cm

Ref. 060053

The News: Elderly Woman Slicing Apple…, 2014

Screen print

85,1 x 89,5 cm

Edition of 50

Ref. 060052

The News: A Young Boy Being Fitted…, 2014

118,1 x 89,8 cm

Ref. 060051

The News: Four Young People Looking…, 2014

93 x 89,5 cm

Ref. 060050

The News: Person Holding Umbrella…, 2014

Screen print

78,7 x 89,5 cm

Edition of 50

Ref. 060049

The News: Three Men Leaving House…, 2014

97,6 x 90,2 cm

Ref. 060048

Crowds with Shape of Reason Missing: Example 4, 2012

76 x 112 cm

Ref. 060045

Crowds with Shape of Reason Missing: Example 1, 2012

76 x 112 cm

Ref. 060042

Jump with Volcano, 1994-2012

122 x 61 cm

Ref. 060040

White Truffle Soup, 2012

97 x 62 cm

Ref. 060034

Black Bean Soup, 2012

97 x 62 cm

Ref. 060032

Blueberry Soup, 2012

97 x 62 cm

Ref. 060031

Foot and Stocking (with Big Toe Exposed): Phil, 2010

Screen print and fabric collage

127 x 84 cm

Edition of 45

Ref. 060022

Noses & Ears, Etc.: Face with Nose and (Green) Ear, 2006

3-layer, 6-color screenprint construction

88,3 x 159,4 x 7,6 cm

Edition of 45

Ref. 060012


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